The MyFootballClub website, set up to allow its members to buy and run a professional football club, is about to realise its ambition and buy Ebbsfleet United - riding high in what used to be the Conference.

Despite initially targetting a fighting fund of £1.4m, the 20,000 MyFootballClub members have each paid £35 to provide a £700,000 takeover pot. This may explain why the soccer crusaders have pulled back from throwing their money into the black hole that is Leeds Utd's bank balance, and set its sights a little lower, purchasing a Blue Square Premier club.

The deal should go through in a few weeks after which the website will purchase a 51 percent controlling stake in Ebbsfleet, with the potential of buying the rest at a later date. Get the latest internet news at our Broadband Advisor website.

All the punters who did cough up money will now own an equal share in the club. They'll vote on transfers and player selection. And it's all going to end in tears.

I admire the motives behind the move, but 20,000 people should not have an interest in 'team selection and transfers'. Forgive me, but if that was the way to run a club, someone would have tried it before now. And are all 20,000 going to watch regularly? And what about the die-hard Ebbslfeet fans who've seen their club swerve the usual idiot local businessman ruining things, only to be lumbered with a load of enthusiastic amateurs?

Non-league football fans are just as committed as their Premier League counterparts - proportionately more so (try maintaining a casual interest without blanket media coverage).

No, for all MyFootballClub shows the power of a well-conceived web project to bring in the moolah and capture enthusiasm, it's going to be a compelling experiment for all the wrong reasons. Watch this space.

There's loads more on this story on the BBC.