Wannabe professional-football democrats at MyFootballClub have achieved their target of recruiting 50,000 fans to take over a football club. And they've done it in just three months.

Now the site's founder has set his sights on Barcelona's record of 155,000 members. Although he may have spoiled the effect slightly by revealing that the club most members want to buy is Leeds Utd. (He may need 50 million members just to pay off the goldfish.)

With a potential £1.4m in the bank the MyFootballClub website is now geared towards finding a suitable vehicle for its affections. According to MyFootballClub, four professional clubs have already approached the website, which will collect £35 from each member towards the £1.4m fighting fund.

Once MyFootballClub owns a club, the site's members will have the right to one vote on all major decisions affecting the club. The club should also be bolstered by MyFootballClub's tens of thousands of members taking an active interest in its fortunes.

Speaking to the BBC, MyFootballClub's Will Brooks said: "There has been much takeover talk but this has caught the fans' imagination. The website has received over £100,000 in six hours."

Pretty impressive stuff I'm sure you'll agree. (At this point I'm honour-bound to pen some context outlining the democratic effect of the internet on our sadly corrupt national game. But as a long-suffering Leeds fan myself - there is no other kind - I merely wish MyFootballClub well and get back to concentrating on the cricket.)