MTV has launched a new online game called Daily Rage. The Daily Rage Contest is an interactive video game and the latest edition to the family of games produced by online entertainment studio,

The game will feature skins and graphics related to the themes of some of the network’s shows and aims to increase the level of engagement between viewer and brand. The link for the Daily Rage game has been plugged on some of MTV’s programmes such as Bams Unholy Union and My Super Sweet 16. Only US residents are able to play the game and win the $1000 prize.

A new game will begin each day at noon and take the form of a skill-based hunt to find hidden icons and arrange a 6-digit pass code in the correct order using logical reasoning.

Players must sign up and choose their avatar, or online character, to start collecting game pieces and gems. Once all gears have been found players are rewarded with an entry to the daily prize draw. At this point players can enter the Prize Chamber by collecting a Golden Token and six randomly generated numbers.

If the numbers are arranged in the correct order players can gain access to the Treasure Room and earn another entry into the $1000 prize draw.