Updated 18 May 2007. Ladies, relax. Internet-dating behemoth Clive worth is off the market.

PC Advisor readers may remember Clive. He was hoyed off an internet-dating website in November 2005 for being too much of a hit with the fillies. Yes, those Welsh lovelies couldn't get enough of recovering alcoholic, ex-miner Clive's horny-handed ministrations (see original story, below).

But this story has a happy ending, as Clive Worth - the self-styled king of online dating - is now happily hooked up with the lovely Angela:

"After 47 years of searching, I found me a women," says Clive.

"I fell in love over 100 times, made love to over 1,000, had over 200 relationships and was classed as the UK number one Casanova," he adds, modestly.

"Now I have at long last found me the number one women in my life!" Awww.

Original story, 5 April 2006.

Word reaches PCA from one Clive Worth, the self-styled 'King of online dating'. Love-guru and ex-miner Clive told us that he was thrown off an online dating site last November because he had too many dates.

(Well, according to The Register, it was, in fact, because so many of his dates ended in something called 'rumpy-pumpy'. Although even this report apparently underestimates Clive's conversion rate: the Beeb reckons his bed posts have been decimated by more than 200 notches. They're the most damaged pieces of wood seen since the raising of the Mary Rose.)

Leaving aside the several deep green shades of envy that Clive's letter invoked in the relatively passion-free environs of PCA Towers, our hero writes with a serious message for all readers. As a recovering alcoholic, Clive feels that his internet, er, interest, has helped him rebuild his life. In his own words:

"I have so many stories as to why as many as 400 women in six years travelled to see me. 350 of them slept with me [see how the number, er, rises] but how did I do it? And why do I date so many?

"I am a retired miner, 56 years old, living in the little village of Pontyates in West Wales. Everyone who knows me knows me as an alcoholic. When they see me with so many attractive women and then see me on TV, they cannot get over how my life has changed since I stopped drinking six years ago.

"They can see how online dating kept me from drink. It is an amazing story, which I want to share with the world - not to make money, but to help others who are alone or have drink or drugs problems."

So there you have it. A heart-warming tale of how the internet can (literally) bring people together and, at least in this instance, help someone to overcome a very serious problem.

And just to show that PC Advisor is a family-values publication - and that we are equally interested in slightly more old-fashioned romantic anecdotes than Clive's - we were all delighted last year when two posters became engaged after meeting on our own little corner of the internet.

We'd love to hear from anybody with a similar tale, as would Clive, so please email [email protected] and we'll gladly pass them on. Even better, post your internet-enabled experiences below.