More men than women surf the web on their mobile, reports a new survey.

According to the State of the Mobile Web report, which was conducted on behalf of web browser developer Opera, 88 percent of all mobile web users are male. The report also highlighted that the mobile web is most popular with the 18-27 age group - 39 percent of all users fall into this category - while 34 percent of users are aged 28 to 37.

Yahoo came out as the most popular website to visit during a mobile-browsing session. Search engine Google came second, followed by BBC News and Facebook.

"With this report we looked at who uses the mobile web," said Jon von Tetzchner, chief executive officer, Opera Software.

"Because accessing the web on mobile devices will become more pervasive than accessing the web with computers, we expect that over time one gender or one age range will not dominate. We will see how these numbers change in time as more people discover the absolute convenience of browsing the web on their mobile phones."