Mixalbum.com, a download store featuring what the company claims is the world's first and only fully automated DJ system, is to launch this month.

The idea of the service came from Ian Charmings. He appeared on BBC2's show Dragon's Den and persuaded two of the judges, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis, to invest £150,000 in return for a share in the company. They have since played a substantial role in introducing the system to the major labels to make sure the latest dance tracks are sold on the site. They have also lent their PR skills and made sure that Mixalbum.com is promoted heavily before its release later this month.

Record companies such as Sony BMG, EMI and the Ministry of Sound have signed up to the site for launch date. The dance download service has a unique feature, that it enables customers to have free access to the first fully automated DJ.

It enables you to create as many mixes as you want, copy them to CD or MP3 player and listen to the tracks in their mixed form. Customers with no DJ experience can now select whichever tracks they want from the site, download them and choose the order they want them to be played. Mixalbum.com will then create the mixed version.

Charmings said: "I think that some people have been put off buying dance singles for this reason - DJs can mix the tracks themselves, but end-listeners who can't mix (or can't be bothered) need to buy compilations, and most of the time there will be a few tracks you don't want. We've had so many emails along the lines of 'about time', or 'just what I was waiting for'.

"MixAlbum includes lots of smaller useful features - one of the things I used to dislike when I downloaded a mix was that you couldn't skip to certain tracks like you could with a CD. Our mixes are created using the latest gapless MP3 system, so it produces the mix split into smaller files - so you can skip between tracks, and if you play them on iTunes/iPod there are no gaps. It's all seamless."

New features that will be added include Speed change and Auto-arrange, which allows you to increase the speed of the tracks throughout the mix. You can also choose whether you want your mix smooth or 'mashed up'.