Mindjet has launched a new service called Mindjet CONNECT, which accompanies the company's popular MindManager Pro 7.0 and enables real-time collaboration on brainstorms and mind maps via an online server.

Those who sign up for the service will be able to work together on mind maps and brainstorms from different locations, either by using MindManager Pro 7.2 or the new Mindjet CONNECT web client.

These two services connect to Mindjet's new server, which hosts and saves the documents. Any changes made to a document become visible to all other people working on it as soon as they press the 'Return' button.

Mindjet CONNECT also features a built-in VoiP application, enabling people to communicate via text, audio or video chat while they work on the documents.

Mindjet's Uwe Richter, vice president EMEA, told us: "We believe this will be a fantastic opportunity for the 1.3 million people using Mind Manager software to collaborate. Typically it will be a business product, for people planning a product. We see it appealing through all business and departments: marketing, engineering and sales; through all verticals too."

Dustin Newport, managing director of Mindjet UK, added: "We think it'll have a profound impact on organisations that are geographically dispersed. Brainstorming and project planning is typically taking place in physical locations; now we can all be inputting at the same time from different locations with one record of what has taken place."

The Mindjet CONNECT web client is currently available in beta for PC and Mac users from Mindjet's website. The service is up and running for PC users working with Mindjet Manager Pro 7.2 and a Mac upgrade for the desktop service is set for release in the near future.

The service is available from £7.99 per person, per month on a 12-month contract. More information can be found at Mindjet's website.

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