Microsoft's Bing is aiming to help raise awareness of small British charities through its homepage.

The search engine will allow five small UK-based charities to take over its home page this week as part of Bing's Help Your Britain campaign. As well as providing a main image that relates to the charity, each day web users will be able to access hot spots on the main Bing page that provide more information about the charity's work, along with videos from founders and staff and even details of how to make a donation.

Each day, a different charity will be featured. Magic Breakfast, a organisation that aims to provide free, healthy breakfast foods to UK primary schools where more than half of pupils qualify for free school meals is the first to be featured and wil;l be joined by Lifelites, All Dogs Matter, User Voice and Life Cycle UK.

"We wanted to celebrate the fantastic work that charities from around the UK do on a day-to-day basis to make Britain even greater," said Peter Maxmin from Bing says

"While these charities do an outstanding job, they don't necessarily have the resources to promote their causes themselves, which would help to raise the funds they need to carry on doing such great work. The Bing Help Your Britain campaign aims to give these organisations a helping hand in difficult times and we look forward to receiving nominations from the British public for the other causes they would like to bring to the attention of our 13 million users."

Bing is also asking web users to invite nominate worthy causes and charities they feel should be showcased on the homepage at the end of each month.