Microsoft has today launched its cloud based productivity suite Office 365 in Kenya. The suite that that features all the popular Microsoft productivity applications including Word and Excel will help Kenyan businesses dive deeper into the cloud.

Microsoft is positioning Office365 and targeting it to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who have less or no legacy systems and therefore can easily migrate to the cloud. Speaking during the launch of Office365 at the Norfolk Hotel, in Nairobi, Louis Otieno, Microsoft's General Manager, Eastern and Southern Africa, said Office 365 is available in Kenya, Nigeria and SA as a result of better connectivity brought about by the undersea optical fiber cable infrastructure these governments have invested in.

Office365 ensures that user availability will not be stuck to the desktop anymore. "It is a combination of traditional based Microsoft Office server products available to everybody on every device to function as a desktop," says Otieno. Organizations will no longer care about the ramp up CAPEX to run their instant messaging, sharing files, email and calendars.

Pratik Roy, Technical Manager, Microsoft, terms Office365 as collaboration for all, a set of services that gives users the ability to easily communicate, SMEs will be able to roll out their IT communication and collaboration services in maximum 15 minutes

Laura Chite, Microsoft's Marketing Manager, Eastern and Southern Africa shared her experience with Office365 without having any technical experience, she run a demo on how it is simple for SMEs to sell, communicate and collaborate online without worrying about the servers by using Office365. The product license will cost from USD 4 to USD 20 per user monthly depending on the package.

Shagun Vashisht CEO Computer Revolution Africa, Microsoft partners for 17 years says the company has saved lots of movement and communication costs since they acquired this product. "We have moved most of our applications to this platform, especially considering the operation expense angle, it is economical," says Vashisht.