Mega Monday may have been the biggest day for online shopping so far, with a total of £320 million being spent on the web, but it may be beaten next Monday, says the IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group).

The IMRG also noted that sales were up by 18 percent and the value of transaction had increased by 14 percent, compared to the same day last year.

"Online sales are holding up well, considering the economic conditions, with both volumes and values significantly higher than last year," said James Roper CEO of IMRG.

"We may even see next Monday being bigger still, which would be the first time ever that the third Monday in December marked the year's peak."

The IMRG also revealed that online retail sites were responsible for 12.32 percent of all traffic on Monday. However, that only makes it the third-biggest traffic day of the year for online retailers, despite the high volume of sales.

"The ratio of researching to buying is also much greater, and researching started earlier this year, as Christmas shoppers work hard to track down the best deals," said Roper.

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