An organisation called History Matters is attempting to create a unique record of life in Britain in late 2006. It's inviting as many people as possible to contribute to a massive blog today. All you have to do is fill in an online form and you'll be part of a massive virtual Blue Peter-style time capsule.

It doesn't matter how mundane or, indeed, exciting your day will be. The organisers just want as many people as possible to contribute. They think that some of the things we take for granted will seem extraordinary in a more populous future world. It's a fair point – even in the less developed parts of rural Yorkshire, people no longer go to the barbers for rudimentary surgery. That sort of thing died out in the early 90s.

The results of the One Day in History project will be stored in the British Library so that future generations can take a break from eating three-course meals in pill form whilst travelling on hoverboards, and learn about such arcane things as 'buses', 'computers' and 'the Rolling Stones' – assuming they're not still touring.

Write your diary here.