Lily Allen was among 100 musicians that discussed how to tackle internet piracy yesterday.

The three-hour meeting was called in a bid to get the industry to present a united front to the government on how illegal downloaders should be handled, and was open to all musicians and artists.

While Allen has been very vocal in her support of penalising illegal downloaders, other groups including the Featured Artists' Coalition claimed prosecuting illegal file sharers would harm new music.

As a result of the meeting, the artists, which also included George Michael, Annie Lennox and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien, "overwhelmingly voted" to support a 'three-strikes' plan that will see illegal file-sharers issued with warning letters alerting them to "the threat that illegal downloading presents to our industry".

However rather than suspending internet access for repeat offenders - an idea that was detailed in the Digital Britain proposals released earlier this year - the musicians' plan will see users' broadband speed restricted rendering the "sharing of media files impractical while leaving basic email and web access functional".

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