Lexmark hopes to tackle printing's position as one of the office's least environmentally friendly activities. The company said that on average, employees print as many as 700 pages per month, which amounts to between 50 and 75kg of paper per employee a year.

Not only does this have an effect on the planet but it's also hitting business profit margins, with printing costing companies on average £1,000 per employee. With this in mind, Lexmark has launched the Lexmark Toolbar - a free add-on for Internet Explorer that enables users to print just the information they need from web pages.

Once installed, the toolbar enables users to preview how a web page will look when they print it. It also offers a one-click button for colour and black-and-white printing, as well as the ability to print just the text from a webpage. The toolbar also gives users access to Picnik - a web-based free photo-editing application.

Lexmark has also launched a version of the toolbar for Firefox users. The tool also allows users to 'clean' the page by specifying which components, such as flash and images, users want to include when the page is printed.

The Lexmark Toolbar can be downloaded or free here.