We've got bad news and good news. Bad: Led Zeppelin are re-forming for a one-off gig. Good: if you've bought tickets you might not be able to get in. Phew!

Yep, there's been some brouhaha concerning tickets to the world's most boring concert - and if a certain promoter knows his stuff, eBay is to blame.

Harvey Goldsmith, the man who achieved the impossible and persuaded the Zep to get back together, has called the online auction site "the biggest rip-off merchants in the world" after tickets to the gig - and codes allowing the purchase of tickets to the gig - appeared there, with prices ballooning to as much as £1,000.

Demand for the concert was so high that tickets had to be allocated by ballot - indeed, so many fans logged on to the registration website that Pipex's entire service was brought down. Those lucky few whose names were drawn from the hat gained the opportunity to pay £125 for their ticket.

However, there have been complications. First, it's been announced that the codes given to ballot winners are not transferable - a stipulation that was reportedly made several hours after tickets became available. A number of fans bought codes from eBay and elsewhere, believing this was allowed. Furthermore, the name on the credit card must match the name of the ticket holder. If you paid with someone else's credit card, hard cheese. No interminable guitar solos for you.

The measures were brought in to combat the online touting, which Goldsmith is extremely angry about. "I wish eBay would drop dead and die," he said, tautologically. "I have begged them to take the tickets off and they have basically told us to f**k off. So I will do everything I possibly can to ruin their lives."

[Via The Guardian.]