Search engine LeapFish has launched a no-click search feature that delivers results instantly as a user types. The engine also lets you choose between results from Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

"The LeapFish click-free search functionality and aggregation capability offers users a convenient solution... to maintain control over this data," said Behnam Behrouzi, president and CEO of LeapFish.

It's a novel approach, although with most people so used to Google's layout, it goes against instinct to have no button to click. Furthermore, it's arguable whether the no-click feature really saves time.


TechCrunch has criticised LeapFish in the past, for coming up with tools (albeit fun ones at times) that go unused.

Time will tell whether the click-free search converts users, but if the trend continues, they won't be pulling away too many people from the big guys.

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