A Labour MP has called for videos that encourage youngsters to join gangs or incite violence to be blocked or removed from the web.

Heidi Alexander raised the private bill, which would give ISPs and the police the power to remove videos "that act as a "recruitment mechanism for gangs" from sites such as YouTube, reports the Guardian.

"I am introducing this bill because I am appalled by the proliferation of online videos which glorify gangs and serious youth violence," said Alexander.

"Police, via the courts and internet service providers, need to be given explicit power to get these videos taken down or access to them blocked."

MPs agreed to allow Alexander's bill to be given a second reading in the House of Commons in March next year.

There is already a system in place that allows the UK government to ask website owners, such as Google, to remove content.

Google's Transparency Report recently revealed the UK authorities requested 333 pieces of content be removed between January and June this year. The search engine said 220 pieces of content were posted on YouTube and 'national security' reasons were cited in 135 of the cases.

"I recognise the policing of the internet is always going to be incredibly difficult but unless we start to grapple with the online manifestation of gangs, I question our ability to really tackle the problem," Alexander added.

"We can talk about gang injunctions all we like, and yes, there may be a need to stop a certain individual or group coming into a certain area at a certain time, but don't we too need to recognise that the same individual may be causing an equal amount of fear by his or her actions sat on a computer at home, or spreading these vile videos through social networking sites?"