BT is set to bring fibre-to-the-home broadband to the UK this year. But unless you live in Ebbsfleet, there's no need to get too excited just yet.

BT will run optic cables to 10,000 new homes at the town in Kent.
Ebbsfleet's next-generation superfast broadband lines will be sold by BT retail and third party ISPs.

BT's Openreach division yesterday said the pilot will offer up to 100Mbps broadband from late summer 2008.

Punters will be able to surf from around £120 a year, although it's likely to cost more than £600 for the fastest speeds.

When ISP costs are added in, it should cost punters about £60 per month for superfast broadband.

And Ebbsfleet's lucky home owners won't have to fret upon the iniquities of nebulous "up to" broadband speeds. BT will be offering "assured" bitrates, as well as multiple HDTV streams.

Lucky beggars.

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