Just 10 percent of UK firm update their website on a daily basis, says Streamline.net.

According to research by the web hosting company, a quarter update their websites once a month, while more than half (54 percent) admitted they make changes 'infrequently'.

Furthermore, 48 percent of UK firms are not advertising on search engines, such as Google, while more than a third (34 percent) said they do not track visitor numbers and are subsequently unable to quantify the popularity of their website.

"Important elements like search engine submission and website measurement can transform the return from a website. There are now easy-to-use and affordable tools for achieving these to suit all budgets, so every company should check they have these bases covered," said Claire Lewis, marketing manager, at Streamline.net.

More than half (57 percent) believe maintaining a company website is an in-house responsibility, while only 20 percent admitted to having the funds to pay an external designer.

Of those that are responsible for updating company websites, 55 percent said they use their evenings to tackle the task.

"It is perhaps understandable that work on the company website can often get relegated to evenings," said Lewis.

"However, every firm should ensure they invest quality time and energy into presenting the right image and engaging with their website visitors. Leveraging an up-to-date website package can help, as today there are features designed to make the process far quicker and more enjoyable".

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