Glamour model Jordan, footballer David Beckham and actor Orlando Bloom are the British celebrities with the longest shelf life on the internet, according the 2006 Windows Live Search report from MSN.

MSN said that the trio made it into Live Search's top 100 list for the fifth year in a row in 2006, and were three of only ten personalities to do so. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue also made MSN's list for the fifth year running, a feat described by David Graham, MSN's UK Search business manager, as a "really interesting indication of popular culture".

The report also claims that Brits are more fascinated by royal 'ladies in waiting' Kate Middleton and Chelsea Davy than by the Windsors themselves.

Prince William's girlfriend – Kate Middleton – scored more hits than any of royal family, making her 2006's "most searched for Royal" on the web, according to MSN. Middleton was closely followed in the list by Prince Harry's girlfriend, Chelsea Davy, while BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Zara Phillips, also made the top 100.

Overall, the top 100 Live Search list was dominated by female celebrities. 45 of the top 100 entries on the list were women, including Angelina Jolie (9), Charlotte Church (16), Kate Moss (39), Katie Holmes (45), Mischa Barton (59), Coleen McCloughlin (75) and Chantelle Houghton (84). Only seven men made it on to the list, including Richard Hammond (43), Steve Irwin (49), Christiano Ronaldo (78) and Borat (87).