Jonathan Ross is the most influential Twitterer in the world, beating Stephen Fry and Barack Obama, despite having far fewer followers, so says brand agency JCPR.

Reported at Brand Republic, according to JCPR's 'Twitter index' Ross' authority rates higher than Ashton Kutcher, who recently won the race to add one million followers.

The index rates the number of followers each user has as well as the interest their posts generate among followers, including the number of times their name is mentioned and how many times they are 'retweeted' by others.

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Kutcher or @AplusK as he is known on Twitter now has 1,624,474 followers and ranks 4th behind @PerezHilton who has 754,647 and @StephenFry who has 476,033. As @Wossy, Ross has just 242,737 followers.

Philip Schofield ranks at 14th for worldwide influence.

Top 20 Influential Twitters (JCPR):

  1.   Jonathan Ross (@Wossy)
  2.   Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton)
  3.   Stephen Fry (@StephenFry)
  4.   Ashton Kutcher (@AplusK)
  5.   Graham Linehan (@Glinner)
  6.   Demi Moore (@MrsKutcher)
  7.   CNN (@CNNbrk)
  8.   Lance Armstrong (@LanceArmstrong)
  9.   New York Times (@NYTimes)
  10.   Wil Wheaton (@Wilw)
  11.   Shaquille O'Neal (@The_Real_Shaq)
  12.   Downing Street (@DowningStreet)
  13.   Jason Bradbury (@JasonBradbury)
  14.   Philip Schofield (@Schofe)
  15.   Soulja Boy (@SouljaBoyTellEm)
  16.   Jimmy Fallon (@JimmyFallon)
  17.   Barack Obama (@BarackObama)
  18.   John Mayer (@JohnCMayer)
  19.   Michael Arrington (@TechCrunch)
  20.   Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest)