ITV is jumping on the Twitter bandwagon with a 'unique' but potentially dangerous experiment to put football fans' tweets about tomorrow's FA Cup final on its website as the match progresses.

The broadcaster is integrating applications built around Twitter to reflect the online ‘noise' generated by the match between Everton and Chelsea tomorrow afternoon.

Twitterfall - a site which cascades comments made on Twitter - will be embedded into the football section of, while a tool developed by thruSITES will allow fans to see which of the players is generating the most chatter on the micro-blogging site.

The players' names and faces will appear alongside bars which will move up and down to reflect the buzz around players during the game.

Meanwhile, iPhone users will be able to submit audio comments to the site using web-based service AudioBoo.

The tools will be available on the site on a special FA Cup Buzz page from around 1pm on 30th May.

Dominic Cameron, MD of, said: "Our experiments with social media show that fans of our shows, especially the big live events, love to share their thoughts with others on the web in real time. Social media can really transform the way we all enjoy those memorable moments on ITV.

"This experiment is a great way of reflecting the buzz about the game on our site and if it's a success, will no doubt pave the way for more efforts to engage football fans in new and interesting ways."

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