Wi-Fi locator Total Hotspots and Rummble have joined forces to create an app that lets Apple iPhone users search for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot from their handset no matter where they are in the world.

Once users have located a Wi-Fi hotspot, from the 170,000 worldwide that are registered on the Total Hotspots database, they can view its exact location and pricing information, as well as rate, review, tag and photograph the Wi-Fi hotspot. This information can then be accessed by other users of the app.

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The app also allows users to narrow down the hotspots by searching for those that are free or from a particular ISP.

"We wanted to make our extensive hotspots database accessible to iPhone users, helping them to source connections while mobile, from anywhere in the world. By working with Rummble, we were able to tap into its existing location-based service platform and roll-out an application that delivers exactly what we were after, far quicker than if we were to develop the application ourselves" said Alex Housley, CEO of Total Hotspots.

The Total Hotspots app is available from the App Store, priced at £2.99.

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