Mobile phone service provider T-Mobile tells us that the British love of mobile phones has gone haywire. Just imagine what will happen when we finally get to buy one or more of Apple's fancy new iPhones.

Apparently, our small island is so potty on mobiles that we have amassed a stockpile of unused mobile phones hidden away in our homes totalling a cool £1.1 billion.

Of the 37 million mobile phone users in the UK, we have an average of one and a half old handsets lying in drawers and lost behind sofa cushions. That's more than 50 million mobiles doing less than Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Come September or October or whenever Apple has iPhones ready for us mobile maniacs it's safe to assume that there'll probably be another million or so handsets shoved in drawers – just in case the iPhone gets pinched (as in 'nicked', not zooming in on digital photos).

Next time we all have a declutter, these old mobiles will end up tossed in the bin, driven off to the dump by a smoking garbage truck, and eventually thrown into a landfill - to finally biodegrade in the year 3,665,897.

Think about that when you're waiting in line for an iPhone, or help save the planet and poor people in Africa by properly recycling your old phones for charity.