The BBC’s Watchdog programme has been accused of fumbling the presentation of its broadband ISP survey on television last night.

Brightview, the company behind three of the four best ISPs for customer satisfaction according to the Watchdog survey, said the BBC misled viewers by focusing on the volume of voters, with BT cited as receiving the largest number of positive votes. However, Brightview said Watchdog failed to point out that BT also had the third highest number of dissatisfied customers.

“This doesn’t show how good BT’s broadband service is; it just shows how big BT is. Only 64 percent of the BT customers who voted were actually satisfied with their broadband service, ranking BT a lowly 20th out of the 29 providers in the survey,” said Brightview.

Global Internet (95 percent), Waitrose (94 percent) and Madasafish (91 percent) – all Brightview-backed ISPs – took three of the top four spots for customer satisfaction. Zen Internet (93 percent) was also in the top four, while Metronet (90 percent) came fifth.

David Laurie, chief executive of Brightview, said: “Basing the programme’s results on volume of voters was the supreme example of the BBC’s ineptitude at managing a very important survey on broadband providers. It is Watchdog’s duty to inform the consumer, but by telling viewers that the ‘best’ provider of broadband also features as one of the worst, it only confused the issue and failed to make use of some valuable consumer data.

“The BBC’s ridiculous handling of the survey did nothing to reflect customer opinion, and misled consumers into believing that a provider which achieved a customer satisfaction significantly below average is the best.”

Head here for the full results of the survey, which received 50,000 responses.