IBM has announced to offer its cloud services in an open source platform. The announcement was made during the annual IBM Pulse 2013 conference held in Las Vegas. According to Robert LeBlanc - Senior Vice President, Middle Software, IBM, many customers greatly fear being locked to one technology platform.

This move will ensure that companies continue to innovate in the cloud without being hampered by locked system architectures in proprietary, unsecured and difficult offerings. Open standards enable organizations to take advantage of interconnected data, for instance mobile computing and big data.

"Open standards are the fundamental requirements to deliver services in any industry", says LeBlanc. Because of synergies between innovation and system optimization, such standards significantly speed up and simplify managing enterprise clouds.

Customers will no longer be locked to one vendor, but can choose the best platform, based on the best set of capabilities that meet their needs. Leblanc says, based on the customer driven requirement, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator gives clients greater flexibility by eliminating the need to develop specific interfaces for different cloud services.

Jay Snyder, Director of Platform Engineering - Aetna, says its plug-in framework is well nurtured where customers can add third party monitoring services, and many other functionality which is extensible.

With the new IBM Smart Cloud Orchestrator, users will be able to build new cloud services in minutes. This is done by combining the power of pattern based cloud delivery,with graphical orchestrator, for simple composition of cloud automation.

They will also experience a reduction on their operation costs by automating application development and life cycle management in the cloud. IBM SmartCloud will also simplify the user's consumption of cloud services via an intuitive self service portal, including the ability to measure the cost of cloud services when metering and also providing charge-back capabilities.