Technology is full of feuds. We've rounded-up the 10 biggest and best battles of the industry. So read on to find out who are the biggest winners and losers in history.

When it comes to technology, there's been some classic feuds: from Microsoft vs Google and Mac vs PC to the recent Blu-ray vs HD-DVD battle. And while Blu-Ray emerged triumphant, not all battles end with an out-and-out winner. We've picked out the 14 biggest tech battle and charted their history as well as identifying who, if anyone came out top.

Mac vs PC

What's so great about a Mac?

Apple products are the computing equivalent of gourmet sausage: We don't want to know what's inside these beautiful, expensive computers or what's going on beneath the surface of the sleek Mac OS X.

When it works, it works magically. When it doesn't work, we go to yoga class and wait for the next update. Oh, okay. Not only do the current Macintosh computers come equipped with some of the fastest, best-designed hardware available anywhere, but they also carry a stable, powerful, easy-to-use operating system that so far seems to be fairly immune to the security flaws and threats that menace Windows users.

Top software developers including Adobe and even Microsoft continue to develop products for the Macintosh, making Macs competitive with Windows PCs in the workplace. A few key business applications (AutoCAD, for example) still require Windows but fortunately, Macs also run Windows quite nicely. Apple's proprietary hardware is expensive compared to PC hardware, but third-party systems running OS X may soon become a reality. And isn't that Mac guy in the 'Get a Mac' Apple commercials hip?

What's so great about a PC?

More than a computing platform, the PC is a wide-open, mix-and-match hardware and software eco-system that can accommodate everything from water-cooled, internet-connected, planet-warming gaming systems, to itty-bitty portable PCs.

Instead of choosing from the limited hardware offerings of one company (Apple), you can shop around among hundreds of competitors for the exact configuration you need, usually for less money than the equivalent Mac would cost. (And you don't have to succumb to the holier-than-thou attitude worn on the sleeves of Macolytes.)

You can even dump Windows and use one of the many excellent Linux distributions available for free. What's not to like about choices (or for that matter, about the PC guy in the Apple 'Get a Mac' commercials, the embodiment of every PC user's inner geek)?

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