Half of Brits are turning to the web when it comes to Christmas shopping, in a bid to find cheaper deals, says VoucherHub.

Research by the voucher website revealed that a third of Brits are boycotting the high street and plan to purchase all their Christmas presents online, while 58 percent said that would be using e-vouchers (codes that offer discounts for good purchased online) when Christmas shopping.

VoucherHub said nearly two thirds of UK shoppers would be happy to use e-vouchers if they knew more about them, while 40 percent said they weren't sure where to find e-vouchers.

Furthermore 38 percent of 25 to 29 year old said that rather than being embarrassed about taking advantages of online discounts, they prefer to brag about the use of e-vouchers.

The voucher website also said a quarter of Brits admitted to flogging unwanted Christmas gifts on auction sites like eBay.

"Saving money couldn't be simpler this Christmas as there is no need to pay full price anymore," said VoucherHub managing director, Alex Rabarts.

"People have always loved a bargain, and it's during these challenging times their money needs to work harder for them. The high street is bracing itself for increased competition as consumers are savvier than they have ever been. It's because of this aptitude that the UK will enjoy some of the best deals online ever seen before this Christmas time."

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