The headline, first and second paragraphs of the Network World story whose original headline was "Google Wallet adds Visa, Amex, Discover support, along with important safety feature," which posted to the newswire Wednesday, have been corrected on the wire. In addition, an update paragraph has been added to the end of the story.

The changes follow.

New headline:

"Google Wallet adds Visa, Discover support, along with important safety feature"

New first paragraph:

Along with support for three major credit cards, Google Wallet has gotten a couple of important security upgrades with its latest release, the company announced today.

New second paragraph:

Until today's release, only MasterCard would work with the NFC payment system, leaving Visa and Discover cardholders with no way to use it. The phone-based "touch-to-pay" application should now work with all four.

New last paragraph:

UPDATE: American Express has since stated publicly that, although negotiations are ongoing, it does not yet officially support Google Wallet. Users can link their Amex cards to the system for the moment, but reports indicate that the credit card issuer can turn that functionality off at will.