Google has revealed it is adding the Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers in Brazil to its Street View service.

Street View is an add-on to Google Maps and Google Earth that allows users to see street-level photographs of a number of cities across the world.

The search engine said it is working with the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS) technology to capture images of the river, surrounding forests and adjacent river communities.

As well as employing the Street View Trike, which is used in to capture photographs in rural locations not accessible by its Street View Cars, Google said it is also mounting a trike and camera to a boat to ensure images can be captured as the vessel floats down the rivers. Furthermore, the search engine is training some members of FAS staff in how to collect the images as well as leaving some of the equipment behind to ensure the work can be continued.

"By teaching locals how to operate these tools, they can continue sharing their points of view, culture and ways of life with audiences across the globe," Google said in a blog.

To begin with Google said it will capture imagery from a 50km section of the Rio Negro River, extending from the Tumbira community near the capital of the state of Amazonas, Manaus , the Terra Preta community.

"For many outdoor enthusiasts, travellers and environmentalists, this creates an opportunity to experience the wonders of the Amazon, which will be accessible in a way they'd previously only dreamed about," Google said.

"We're honoured to work with FAS on this project to bring the Amazon online for those who can't visit in person, and help our partners share with the world the unique stories of its inhabitants and the beauty of this place they call home."

Image courtesy of Google