Google has launched a new service allowing web users to re-order, delete and add search results.

SearchWiki is designed to allow users to create customised searches, so that modifications are shown every time they run the same search in the future. Available only when signed in to Google, users can also write notes attached to a particular site and remove results they regard as inappropriate.

Google has often been criticised for having a search engine that depends too much on mathematical algorithms while giving little room for users to offer feedback and contribute to the process of rating, ranking and evaluating results. Such criticism has become more and more common as the popularity of Web 2.0 services has grown, since they all champion the building of user communities.

The search giant is encouraging those who build customised searches to share them with other searchers. Results pages will also feature a 'See all notes for this SearchWiki' link, allowing people to can see how others have collectively edited results.

However, Google said any changes made by a user will only affect their results, and not those of fellow surfers.

"This new feature is an example of how search is becoming increasingly dynamic, giving people tools that make search even more useful to them in their daily lives," says a post on the Official Google Blog.

"We have been testing bits and pieces of SearchWiki for some time through live experiments, and we incorporated much of our learnings into this release. We are constantly striving to improve our users' search experience, and this is yet another step along the way."