Google confirmed that some users of its Google News service suffered an outage on Wednesday this week.

The problems started around 6:45am and lasted until about 8pm, according to a Google spokeswoman. Some users reported that they weren't getting any results when they were searching for keywords, such as 'Microsoft' and even 'Google', in Google News.

Other users reported that entire news sections, such as Science/Technology, were coming up empty of any stories. Some also reported getting the following message on a blank Google news page: "Please try again shortly. We apologise that this section is currently unavailable".

"This issue has now been resolved," the spokeswoman said. "We know how important Google News is to our users, so we take issues like this very seriously."

Google did not say what caused the problem.

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In December, Google confirmed that there was a technical problem with Google Talk and the web-based Gmail chat system. According to Google, messages created by a 'subset' of users were left unsent because of glitches in the messaging system, according to Andrew Kovacs, a spokesman for Google.

Users largely received an alert noting that their messages had not been sent, though that didn't happen in every case. Kovacs would not disclose the cause of that problem, noting that Google normally doesn't share technical details on what he called minor problems.

Computerworld (US)

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