We're always hearing how permanently spied upon we are by CCTV and satellites, so how come Google Earth is still at least 12 months behind the times with its stunning but ancient imagery?

I live in central London and yet my neck of the woods (Highbury) is still captured in its 2005/2006 days. The new Emirates Stadium is now no longer the local municipal dump (as it was a few months ago on Google Earth) but even Chelsea wouldn't play on the sandy pitch portrayed today.

At least New Zealand is now populated by man. In previous images, no cities were actually viewable, and it appeared to be an unspoilt paradise. It's nice, but not that ideal. That said, the town where my parents-in-law live (Alexandra) appears to have been half nuked - so giving away the plot to series 7 of '24'.

Google was recently slapped on the wrist for replacing its satellite images of New Orleans with pre-Katrina images causing Congressman Brad Miller to accuse the search giant of conspiracy and trying to rewrite history.

Google replied that the updated images were the result of a resolution upgrade and not part of some larger attempt to bury evidence of Katrina. A new update restores the post-Katrina imagery in higher resolution.

How old are the Google Earth images where you live?