The Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) has teamed up with Google in a bid to promote online safety in the UK.

The Good to Know campaign hopes to encourage UK web users to take steps to ensure they're more secure when surfing the web. Using secure passwords and two-step authentication, that sees users entering a password then a unique versification code that has been sent to their own personal device such as a mobile phone, when signing-up for online accounts are just some of the nuggets of advice being offered on the campaign's dedicated website.

Other topics covered by the Good to Know Campaign, which will be backed up by adverts in newspapers and on public transport, including the use of 'cookies' on website, keeping children safe when surfing the web and even making sure you're secure when using mobile devices. There's also a Jargon Buster that explains what internet-related terms such as Cookies or IP addresses mean.

Gillian Guy, the CAB's chief executive, told The Telegraph: "Information's a powerful tool for preventing problems from arising in the first and safety, personal data and identity theft are among the top concerns of people of using internet".

Meanwhile, Anthony House, Communications and Policy Manager at Google, said the Good to Know website offers provide easy steps everyone can take to stay safe online.

"Everyone wants to stay safe online, but many people aren't confident that they know how to," he said.