Google has revealed it it is expanding its Hot Trends feature to cover internet search results.

Hot Trends was introduced about two and a half years ago and lists the 100 most popular Google search queries from the past hour.

For instance, some of Google's Hot Trends included the bacon of the month club, the new TV show Trauma and Halloween costume ideas.

Now, Google is putting that information where more people will see it - with actual search queries. If a user searches for one of the top 100 hottest queries, information, such as how popular the query is and how fast it's rising over time, will come up beneath the results list.

"To coincide with this change, we've also reduced the number of trends listed on the Google Hot Trends homepage to 40 from 100," said a Google spokesman in a blog.

"This feature, however, will show up for any query that matches the top 100. We hope this change will make for a simpler user experience, and help you focus better on the top, most interesting content."

Last month, Facebook added real-time search capabilities to its social network, a move aimed at solidifying its lead over social networking rivals like MySpace and Twitter.

Facebook's real-time search news came on the heels of the company's purchase of real-time feed aggregator FriendFeed.

With Facebook users able to search the last 30 days of their News Feed for status updates, photos, links, videos and notes, the company is positioning itself to act as a hub for its users.

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