Web-based firms Google and Amazon have topped a league table of the most highly-rated brands in the UK, says YouGov.

The research firm's YouGov's BrandIndex measures how consumers perceive brands on a daily basis in six categories including quality, value and corporate reputation. An average score or the Index score then determines where the company is ranked in the index. Amazon and Google were the only two online firms to appear in the top 20, which was made up with brands such as BBC, Heinz and Walkers.

Furthermore, Amazon, which obtained a BrandIndex score of 58.7 compared to Google's 60.1, is one of just three brands in the Top 20 whose rating score has improved on last year. Colgate and Cathedral City are the other two.

Tech giants Sony and Panasonic also appeared in the top 20, featuring in sixth and 19th place respectively.

"It's been a tough year for the leading brands, very few have managed to improve their perceptions in consumers' eyes," said Sarah Murphy, YouGov's Associate Director, BrandIndex.

Furthermore, Apple took 40th place, Facebook came in at 182 and Twitter can be found at 615th. Microsoft was named the most highly-rated brand in the IT/Office Technology sector, and Nokia took the honours in the Mobile/PDA sector, despite dropping out of the top 20. Skype was named the most highly-rated brand in the Telecoms sector.

"However, many outside the leaders have certainly bucked that trend, most notably Android – Google's operating system for smartphones and tablet computers – and mobile phone manufacturer HTC who achieved the highest increase in consumer ratings from 2010 to 2011."