Google was used for 92 percent of all searches by Brits in June this year, says Experian Hitwise.

Research by the web analytics firm revealed that's a 1.49 percent increase of the number of searches Google was used for in May 2011. As a result of the increase is use of Google both Microsoft and Yahoo lost market share. Microsoft sites were used for 2.88 percent of all UK net searches in June 2011, a decrease of 1.38 percent on the previous month, while Yahoo were used for 2.96 percent of all searches, 0.11 percent down on June 2011.

"Google has certainly been dominant in search for the last ten years but even by Google's high standards, to capture 92 percent of the UK search market is quite an achievement," commented Robin Goad, research director of Experian Hitwise.

"In other markets like the US the search distribution is much more even, but in the UK Google has woven itself into the core fabric of internet usage so much that other players are struggling to keep up."

Furthermore, Experian Hitwise said after three consecutive months of visitors declining, social network Facebook has picked up and accounted 53.72 percent of all UK visit to social networks, a 0.11 percent increase on the previous month. YouTube was named the fastest growing social network for the fourth consecutive month, with a 0.24 percent surge in visits, almost twice Facebook's increase. It accounted for 20.76 percent of all UK visits to social networks during June, while Twitter was named the third most popular social network accounting for 3.22 percent of all visit.

"Much like Google, Facebook has established itself as the clear market leader in its field and continues to maintain that position. There has been a lot of rumour-mongering recently that the end is nigh for Facebook, but as this month's data shows, the UK's most popular social network has overcome a small dip in performance and still accounts for nearly 54 percent of all UK visits to a social network," added Goad.

"Facebook is still flourishing, and with over 750 million active users worldwide is by far the most powerful social network in the world."

Google was used for 92 percent of all searches by Brits in June this year, says Experian Hitwise.