I really will. In recent years clinging to Netscape as one of my regular web browsers has added colour to my otherwise blanched life. (If it wasn't for the fact that I've never seen a 'Police Academy' movie, I'd be entirely character free).

And now AOL is pulling the plug on Netscape. So I'm sad.

It does make sense. For the recent past AOL has limited 'support' for Netscape to merely reskinning and extending Mozilla's Firefox web browser.

And with a tiny 0.6 percent market share - compared with Firefox's healthy 16 percent - AOL has decided against flogging a terminally ill horse. After all, Netscape once enjoyed a 90 percent market share. I'm no expert, but 90 to 0.6 doesn't make for a good graph.

But I like Netscape, quirky as it is. It shares many of Firefox's better features (and had them before IE), and that tiny market share adds a certain level of internet security. (If you're small, the big boys won't pick on you.)

Plus, Netscape gives me a constant weather forecast in my browser window, which saves me ever leaving my desk to look out the window. Admittedly, the weather is occasionally that of California - I live in London - but it's nice to see some sun.

Indeed, the only genuine - but terminal - problem with Netscape is the number of websites that seem unable or unwilling to cater for it. Hardly Netscape's fault.

So, as inevitable as its demise is, I'll miss Netscape. True, Firefox has long been my number one browser, and I do have a soft spot for Opera (and Safari). But we live in a Microsoft world, and losing choice is a shame.

Surely not even Mr S Ballmer would claim that Internet Explorer is the biggest because it's the best?

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