Gmail is up and running again following a service outage this week.

Google's hosted email service went down some time before 2pm yesterday afternoon and was still having problems well after 5pm. According to a statement from Google, the problems have been fixed and all users should have full service again.

Google initially reported today that only a "small subset" of users were affected by the outage but later confirmed that a majority of its users were affected. A Google spokesman also noted that the "extent of slowness and service degradation varied from user to user".

Frustrated Gmail users took to Twitter to voice their frustrations and look for information. One user wrote: "Gmail More and More Like Late '90s Era Hotmail... So much for those Gmail reliability".

Others wrote: "OMG is gmail still down?!!" and "GMail CEO pls take note. I wanna sleep. Make sure when I wake up, GMail back to normal. Else I'll use Hotmail."

The Gmail problem comes hot on the heels of an hour-and-a-half Google News glitch on Tuesday. Google did not reveal the cause of that crash or how engineers got the news aggregation site working again.

And earlier this month, Gmail experienced one day of intermittent disruptions, followed by a second day during which users saw multiple delays and outages. Gmail users also endured well-publicizsd crashes in both February and May.

Broadband speed test

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