Technology can help fight the war on terror, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said during an appearance in California's Silicon Valley yesterday.

Giuliani said he hasn't yet formally announced his candidacy but is "100 percent committed" to running for president in 2008. His speech in Santa Clara followed an appearance at a California Republican Party convention Saturday in Sacramento.

Terrorism starts in regions that are isolated from the rest of the world, Giuliani said in his address to about 500 people at a meeting of the Churchill Club, a public affairs forum. Technology, including the internet, can bring those isolated regions into the global economy, he said.

"The technology that you have created has transformed America and transformed the world and made us into a truly global economy," he said. "We will beat terror when those parts of the world that haven't connected yet, connect to the global economy."

Giuliani also supports the development of "green technology" to use energy more efficiently, cut pollution and reduce America's dependence on imported oil. He endorsed alternative sources of energy such as clean coal, hydrogen, solar and wind power.

Giuliani criticised former vice president Al Gore's environmental documentary film An Inconvenient Truth for being long on describing the problem of global climate change but short on solutions.

"There should be a sequel to that movie on 'What are the solutions? What are the answers? What are the hard choices that have to be made?'" he said.

Giuliani may have more of a chance in California than the other rivals for the Republican nomination, such as US Senator John McCain of Arizona, said Leo Lacayo, vice chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party.

Giuliani is a moderate on social issues, supporting abortion rights and gay rights, positions in line with moderate Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lacayo said.

Some staffers who ran Schwarzenegger's two successful campaigns for governor are signing up to work on Giuliani's campaign, Lacayo said.

For example, Katie Levinson, who was communications director of Californians for Schwarzenegger, is now working for Giuliani, said Maria Comella, a spokeswoman for Giuliani's exploratory committee.