A new campaign is encouraging Brits to connect to the web in a bid to save money.

Research conducted by the UK Online Centres as part of 'Get Online Week', which runs from today until October 24, revealed 60 percent of web users have saved money as a result of being online. Furthermore, a third said they have saved over £100 through a net connection. Seven in ten said they use the web to compare the price of goods and services, while 40 percent scored a bargain through online auction sites such as eBay.

Some 3,000 events will be taking place across the country as part of Get Online Week in a bid to "inspire and help people to get online".

The Post Office, Google and BT are among the companies hosting events, while the UK's Digital Champion, Martha Lane-Fox, will be in Bridlington in Yorkshire encouraging residents to get online.

Meanwhile, the BBC will be showing Brits just how easy it is to get online through its First Click series of TV and radio trailers featuring celebrities such as Terry Wogan and Gloria Hunniford. Meanwhile a character in the BBC Radio 4 soap The Archers will also be heard having their first computer lesson.

"Offline households are missing out on average consumer savings of a whopping £560 a year," said Helen Milner Managing Director of UK online centres.

"Getting online isn't only making things quicker, easier and more enjoyable - it's also making them cheaper. With the cost of living continuing to rise, and computer skills now required in 90% of all new jobs, getting online is fast becoming an economic necessity."

According to UK Online Centres, which were created by the government in a bid to offer all Brits access to PCs and the internet, 9.2 million Brits don't use computers or the web. Many of those are older or on a low income, so it's hoped Get Online Week will give some of those people a chance to catch up.

"The first Get Online day got 10,000 people online for the first time, and it's expanded to the point where this year the aim is to get 80,000 people into nearly 3,000 events across the country," UK Online Centres said.

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