With Firefox 6 just being released and with that thousands of people are now flocking to set Firefox as their default browser - we thought you might like to hear about five of the best extensions you can download to get the maximum out of Firefox 6.

DownloadHelper 4.9.5 - Free

DownloadHelper Wouldn't it be great if you saw a video you liked and with the click of your mouse you could download it straight away, with no faffing about? With DownloadHelper that is exactly what you can do. It sits neatly and inoffensively next to your url and when a compatible video is being played you can download it to your desktop immediately. Compatible videos: flv, ram, mpg, mpeg, avi, rm, wmv, mov, asf, mp3, rare, movie, divx, rbis, mp4, mpeg4. Good eh?

InvisibleHand 3.2.3 - Free

InvisibleHand 3.2.3 Isn't it just damn right annoying when you buy something online then within minutes you find it cheaper on another site? Stupid question, of course it it. Anyway, there is an extension that is a must have if you're an online shopper. It's called InvisibleHand and when you're doing a bit of the ol' e-retailing it'll graft away in the background and search a load of sites for a cheaper version of what you're looking for, if it finds something it'll let you know and give you a link. A win/win situation if you ask us.

Flagfox 4.1.5 - Free

Flagfox If you're serious about your web security then this is s an extension for you. First and foremost, Flagfox displays what country the website you're looking at comes from - very handy if your shopping and you notice an unfamiliar flag (probably not best to buy from those sites). This is far from a one-trick pony though, it also performs safety and malware checks of all the sites you visit, suggest similar and recommended sites, perform automatic translation into your language and a shed load more.

WebMail Notifier 2.7.9

WebMail Notifier If you use Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or any major web based email client then this is what you need. As you can imagine by its title, this extension alerts you when you have new or unread mail in your email account. Which is great because it's the one thing that none of the web based email clients are brilliant at. You can numerous accounts to this extension too, so there's no need to have multiple tabs open the whole time any more.

Read It later 2.1.1

Read It later There are times on the web (particularly on wikipedia) when you see a load of stories that you want to read, but not all at the same time. Obviously you could just open new tabs for all of these stories, but if you're in a rush then more often than not you're not going to read them and completely forget about them. With this clever add on you can quickly add them to Read It Later and it will keep the web page safe and sound until you've got more time to read the page. How very thoughtful.

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