Facebook has made more than 60 new apps available for its Timeline feature that lets social networkers share content from third-party sites with their friends.

TripAdvisor, Ticketmaster and Kobo are among the firms that have released the new apps for the social networking site. Facebook already offers the ability to share music and movies on the site thanks to apps from the likes of Spotify and Netflix, which were announced in September last year, along with the new time-line feature. However, these new apps expand the sharing function to a range of other content.

For example, the Foodily app lets you share the latest recipes you've tried, while if your friends on the social network also have the app, you'll be able to see the dishes they've created.

"You can now enhance your timeline with apps that help you tell your story, whether you love to cook, eat, travel, run, or review movies," said Carl Sjogreen, Facebook's director of platform, in a blog.

"Soon, there will be apps for all types of interests, as more apps will launch over time. Whether you love snowboarding, gardening, hiking, or knitting, or something else, there will be an app for you."

The Timeline feature, which was made available to all the social network's members in December, is designed to collect all a user's best moments in one place so they can be shared easily.

Wider than the standard Facebook profile , Timeline features a 'cover' or large photo at the top of the screen, which Facebook says should be "a unique photo from your life", as well as a traditional profile image .

Users can select which posts, photos and activity appears in the Timeline and for the first-time ever you can also add memorable Life Events such as moving home or getting married.

Facebook also reminded social networkers when they add an app to their Timeline, they can customise which of their friends on the site sees content shared by it, and posts made by the app can be removed at any time.

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