Facebook has managed to annoy those lovable, cuddly Israeli settlers on the West Bank.

Now I know what you're thinking: Facebook must have done something pretty irksome to get a hostile reaction from that particular group (see also, the fuck Islam Facebook farrago). And you'd be right - the Jewish settlers are up in arms because the auto-complete function on Facebook used to finish their addresses on the West Bank as being in 'Palestine'. Disgraceful.

It's wrong because... well, even though they are actually in Palestine, they don't recognise it. It's Israel, dummy. (Think AMD with Intel, and you get the drift.)

Displaying its usual moral fibre, Facebook now allows Israeli dwellers in the major West Bank settlements to describe their (Palestinian) addresses as 'Israel'. Smaller settlements still auto-complete with 'Palestine', however. Must be a tough gig delivering the newspapers in that neighbourhood, even with Google Maps.

Note to Tony Blair: Facebook may have found the answer to territorial disputes the world over. Encourage people to do all their interaction online, and they can call the little patch of dirt on which they subsist what the hell they like. "You say Palestine, I say Israel, let's call the whole thing off..."

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