One of the nice things about Facebook was how clean and uncluttered the site looked in comparison to the car-crash visuals of MySpace. But now that many people’s pages are splattered with vampires, booze mail and super wall posts even Facebook pages can look ghastly. And trusted users are threatening to walk if the site becomes "too commercial".

So the social network site has decided to have a bit of a facelift.

The BBC has reported most of the changes, which include tabbed sections to hide the hideous wall posts, silly gifts pirates and vampires.

Facebook is now the most popular social network in the UK with 8.9m members, according to the most up-to-date figures from Nielsen Online, the internet research company.

When it launched to the general public in 2006, it was seen as a clean and simple alternative to its main rival MySpace, which gives its users much more freedom to design their own pages.

How many Facebooks users are there in the UK? About 8.9m members, according to the most up-to-date figures from Internet research company Nielsen Online.

That’s a lot in a couple of years, but its raid growth could be curtailed if a cleaner, neater less-commercial alternative appears as suddenly as Facebook itself in 2006.

Although Facebook’s popularity has without doubt increased because of all the third-party add-ons, its perceived over-commercialisation is coming back to haunt it.

The BBC reports one Facebook user as warning: "The site is becoming far too commercial. You will pay for it by losing users to other sites. You are taking away exactly what made Facebook unique. What are you thinking?"