Facebook has launched a new app that will bring the social network to more than 2,500 mobile phones.

The Facebook for Every Phone app, which can be downloaded for free from Facebook's dedicated mobile site as well as independent app stores such as GetJar and Mobile Wever, is designed for 'feature phones' that have less processing power than smartphones such as Apple's iPhone or Google Android handsets but still support the use of apps.

Facebook said the app, which has been built in Java, "offers a fast and comprehensive Facebook experience" and gives users access to their News Feed, Inbox and Photos as well as allowing them to upload snaps and even find contacts stored on their handset on the social network.

"The Facebook for Every Phone app will be available globally on Java-enabled phones, and we are working on making the app compatible with even more handsets in the future," the social network added.

In a bid to make the app accessible to as many mobile phone owners as possible, Facebook has joined forces with a number of mobile carriers across the globe, in the case of the UK it's partned with 3,to offer 90 days free internet access.

"This experience is optimised to use less data than other Java apps or mobile sites, making it much more affordable for people to use when the 90-day period ends."