England's World Cup qualifier match against the Ukraine, which will take place this weekend, will be broadcast over the internet only.

Rights to the match had originally been bought by Setanta, but following its collapse earlier this year the rights have been given to Perform, which streams more than 15,000 sporting events a year.

Web users signing up before Wednesday 7 October will get access to watch the match for £4.99, while between Thursday and Friday, the price increases to £9.99. This will rise to £11.99 on Saturday.

Consumers can sign up at the dedicated website. The match will also be broadcast live in Odeon cinemas.

Michael Phillips, product director at comparison website Broadbandchoices.co.uk, said the match is "an opportunity for broadband users who have never watched TV online to broaden their horizons and experience what an internet connection can offer beyond the usual surfing and emailing".

However, Phillips said watching the match would use around 1GB of web users download limits and urged consumers looking to watch the match to check it won't push them over their monthly limit.

"Those planning to watch via mobile broadband need to be particularly vigilant since over usage charges can be massive," he added.

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