Wix.com has today announced that its global users have created more than a million HTML5 websites, since the site's beta launch just under three months ago.

The leading do-it-yourself website publishing platform, enables its users to build their own websites regardless of how much coding knowledge they have. The platform offers either a start from scratch feature, or allows its customers to choose from over 170 different templates, which are designed to cater for all business types from musicians to builders. See also Four reasons to jump to HTML5.

Interestingly the UK, US, Brazil, Canada and Australia are the five countries that customise their website's templates the most - with customers who categorise their websites as 'online businesses' leading the way in terms of sophisticated changes made. Bringing up the rear with regards to template tweaks is restaurant and catering website-owners. Visit Interest in HTML5 growing among mobile developers.

“Until now, HTML5 was a buzzword to describe the ‘future’ of the web. With Wix’ 1 millionth HTML5 site built this month, it’s clear that individuals and small businesses have decided it is the present and where the web is destined,” said Avishai Abrahami, CEO of Wix.com.  “No longer in the dark or stuck with having to outsource, the Wix HTML5 platform answers a wide market need.  We provide our users with the hammer and tools to build their online real estate, and we’re working 24/7 to deliver an HTML5 website builder with unmatched features flexibility and customisation.”

Built on a freemium business model, Wix earns its profit through premium upgrades that allow users to connect their sites to their own domains, remove Wix branding, add eCommerce capabilities and more.