I like Facebook, although I certainly spend less time seeing what trivialities my 'friends' are up to than a year ago. It's not all a pleasure, however.

One thing that does irk me about the site is the constant invitations to join pointless groups or waste time playing various inane games (vampires, pirates, etc), or even give/receive virtual pints of beer, etc.

I am currently ignoring about ten invitations to play something called Scrabulous – a fairly obvious rip-off of popular board game Scrabble.

Now the real Scrabble makers Hasbro and Mattel have claimed that Scrabulous is intellectual property theft, and Facebook has been told to remove it pronto.

Scrabulous, one of Facebook's ten most popular applications, regularly racks up more than half a million daily users.

I hope that stops any more pals trying to force me to play Scrabble – sorry, Scrabuolous – with them.

Unfortunately, I'm just as likely to now be bombarded with invitations to join a new Facebook group "Save Scrabulous", which already has more 600 members. Groan.