Last Monday may have been dubbed 'Mega Monday' with an estimated £303m being spent online but according to Experian Hitwise, today (Monday December 5) will see the most visits by UK web users to retail sites.

The web analytics firm expects 85 million visits to online retailers to take place today or Cyber Monday as it is also known, which is 18 percent up on the same time last year. Throughout December, Brits will spend 350 million hours shopping online, which equates to an average of 8 hours and 45 minutes per person. Furthermore, UK web users will make 2.1 billion visits to retail websites throughout the month.

Monday December 19 looks set to be the most popular day for online grocery shopping as UK web users ensure their fridges are stocked in preparation for the big day, while Hitwise says research reveals proportionally more people in Hull do their Christmas shopping online than in any other city in the UK.

Hitwise also revealed Lego will be the most searched for toy this festive season, while 25 million hours will be spent on Facebook this Christmas Day as Brits offer Christmas wishes to their friends and family. Meanwhile, 12 million hours will be spent using the BBC's online catch-up TV service, BBC iPlayer.

The web metric firm also says Apple iPhones are searched for 33 percent more than Apple's iPad. Furthermore, if "search intent was reflected in sales, for every three iPads Apple sold this Christmas they would sell four iPhones"

"Christmas 2011 looks set to be another record-breaker for many of the online sectors and particularly for retail," commented James Murray, Marketing Research Analyst at Experian Hitwise.

"Cyber Monday is going to be crucial in the online retail sector and we are predicting 85 million visits on December 5, 18 percent up on last year's figures. Boxing Day could be another big day for retailers as more people go online to check out which stores have the best deals on offer. This year we will are expecting to see a massive multi-channel marketing push as brands look to win online to drive web purchases and in-store footfall."