Three 'workers' at Neath Port Talbot council in Welsh Wales have lost their jobs because they spent all day on eBay. Hopefully they didn't work in procurement.

One council employee got the sack, and two others walked after it became common knowledge they'd been torn a new one for spending up to TWO HOURS a day at work on eBay, the internet auction site.

Now, I've been on eBay, and there's nothing that would keep me browsing for two hours. Not even the clever use of the word 'NOT' where people sell naughty items. So I can only speculate that these idiots were buying and selling things when they should have been, well, earning their tax-payers' corn. Even the union man who was wheeled out to defend the lazy-arsed office drones seemed pretty half-hearted.

However, while spending two hours a day on eBay clearly constitutes, er, not doing a proper job, there's much confusion over personal internet usage at work. In response to the phenomenal success of social-networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace, the Trades Union Congress recently called on employers to consult with their staff about web-use policies in the work place.

Naturally, at PC Advisor we have no such problems. The internet is a crucial weapon in the armoury of the grafting young hack, and unfettered web-access is absolutely crucial to the success of our publication. Rest assured, although it has taken me years of research, when I do complete my feature on free web-pornography, it will be the definitive treatise on the subject.

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